The brief was to “create excitement for the 2012 Christmas gift selection. The campaign must match Diesel’s festive store window theme of playing cards and dice.


How could the world of magic be applied to the festive season to make a fun social comment with a Diesel wink? Christmas is a time of increasingly obscene over-commercialization and brand brainwashing so it was our duty to remind people of the true joy of the holidays again – by literally controlling their minds. Oh, the irony.



A group of customers were hypnotized to reach agonizing levels of ecstasy over Diesel gifts – just as a child would on Christmas Day morning.



To ensure that as many people as possible were aware of the gifts we created a full month’s worth of campaign content: a trilogy of films to remind of how epic Christmas morning used to be; the ‘Behind the Dreams’ making of film; as well as daily supporting social content. Watch it all the episodes here



See how we hypnotised the models into antisipation, joy and goodwill.