During our research for the release of the LG G2 we stumbled upon the vestibulo-ocular reflex of a chicken; a chicken’s amazing ability to keep its eye focused during movement. Yes, we know, we love a little craziness. But we agreed that this was not just crazy, but the perfect way to illustrate the steadiness of the LG G2 smartphone camera. .


Shot in documentary style, Steady Feathers tells the story of Dave and his chicken Lizzy. Dave is an Australian cameraman who’s always on the lookout for the best steady shot. He stumbled online upon a chicken’s amazing gaze stabilization, and decided to try it on his own. In an adrenaline fueled sequence of shots we see him taking the GALLUSCAM to the extreme… 


Screen grabs: These are some of the scenes from the movie.


Steady feathers or “chicken cam,” as it became affectionately known in the office, continues to rack up views and comments on YouTube. With a magnificent 6 million views on YouTube, it seems Lizzie the chicken got the internet world clucking.



In our best Aussie accent, we are truly “stoked”! And a clucking thanks to director Willem Gerritsen, Czar, and our Korean friends at Krema Worldwide.