Converse asked members of The Creative Social to hack a pair of their Chuck Taylor sneakers in the most creative way possible. So how can we improve the most classic sneaker in the world?


Chucks are the festival shoe. We thought it could be fun to kit them out with an ‘revolutionary’ and kind of useful hack.


Introducing the first shoe in the world with drone support. With the Chuck T 9000s you will never get lost at a festival again.

When your friends can’t find you – kick the tongue of your shoe and the Chuck T 9000 Quadcopter drone will locate you and hover above your head.

This is how it works: An RFID chip is placed in the shoe. This chip communicates with a multiple point triangulation system that knows where you are to within a meter. Now the Drone will follow you, even if you’re in a crowd. All you’ve got to do is kick to activate and it’s there for you hovering above your head until you’re found.


Discover more behind the scenes – testing, failing, learning – on Chuck T9000’s Google+ page. So whats next? The future looks bright and fun.